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Life as a dog 16

*It’s night already, and brownie complaining no one is giving them food.*

I’m really hungry… “I’m hungry too.” What should we do? “Maybe we can go out and find some food?” I’m not a cat, I can’t climb over these gate. You can… “Or I can teach you how to climb.”

I’m a dog, born not to climb. “Well maybe I can pull you up? Or I can just go out myself to find food.” No that’s dangerous!! You can’t go out yourself in the night like this!

“I’m a cat, born to do things like that. Go out alone. Before I met you, I go out everyday in the night to find food.” Don’t you sleep? “Of course I do, it’s only for 1 hour.”

But… why not we just wait until tomorrow? Maybe his friend will come to give us food? “You are hungry, I am too. Since you have gave me food the past few days, I need to help you back.”

Well… Go then, be safe! And remember to come back as early as you can, or I’ll be worry. “Of course I’ll come back safe, I’ve done this hundreds of time. Bye!!” *Cat climes the gate and go away.*

Life as a dog 15

*It’s a beautiful morning, Brownie and the cat are chatting. Suddenly the owner came out with a big luggage.*

Quick, hide! Hey owner, big luggage eyy? Where are you going? Oh ya of course you cant understand me. *Woof* Food please before you go. *Owner out chicken meat into the bowl* Yes!! Chicken meat again! Yum yum! Okay bye owner!

“Where is he going?” I don’t know. Here, have some chicken meat. “Thanks. But what if he is going away for a long time.” So? “No one will feed us.” Oh… ya… food. How about water? Sh*t.

Never mind, just trust him. Usually when he goes for vacation he will call someone else like his friend to feed me, but his friend usually only give me dog biscuit to eat. So you…

“Never mind never mind. As long as there is food I am alright. Hmm… Chicken meat is tasty! Now I know why it is your favourite. You know everyday my owner only feed me cat biscuit.”

Really? Wow… Then I must be lucky. Having chicken meat, and sometimes some left over vegetable and meat. “I had never tasted any other food than cat biscuit. How does dog biscuit taste like?”

It taste normal, boring. I just don’t get why human want to make like fish shape, vegetable shape, bone shape… They all taste the same. “Yes yes I know right?! Car biscuit is like that too.” Come… have more chicken meat.

Learn to give

Merry Christmas everyone!! Did you guys recieve a lot of presents? I only receive one, but that’s enough. Well I am not a Christian but I still celebrate Christmas because Christmas is for everyone.

What do we do during Christmas? The adults give presents to the children. But does the children give presents? Some yes some no. I am a teenager right now, and I can afford to buy cheap things. I did give my family presents, but it’s all handmade.

Christmas is for everyone as I said because it is a festival to receive and give things. When someone give us something, we should give back something, it doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be a small craft made by ourselves.

We need to learn to give, not only receive. Even if it is not Christmas, we need to give too. Not everyday giving people presents, but helping people. Give people a hand when they need help. No matter it’s your family, friends or stranger.

Help them when they have difficulties, mentally or physically. So that we can make this world a better place. Tomorrow is not going to be Christmas, but help some people, any people, if you can. Yesterday is not Christmas, did you give your help to anyone?

The “Life of a dog” series will continue tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone! Remember to give if you can.

Life as a dog 14

“You love poems really much don’t you?” Yes. Of course. I can make one on any occasion. My owner’s coming. Hide! Qidnowlzbxyea. Hey can you bring me to the vet? I just ate a chococalate and may die anytime.

Uh… You don’t understand me. He is gone. Come out. “So you are just going to wait for your luck?” Yes. Like you say. Hey, you have any friend before? “Yes. But it didn’t go well.” What happen?

“We fight for something.” What thing? Food? Water? Place? “For a girl.” Why are you so stupid? A girl? You guys are friend man. If I ever have a friend I will never fight with him, or her.

“You don’t understand. Me and her is already together. My friend is jealous of me. And then he ditch me and want to make out with her. He didn’t success because the girl like me, not him.”

“The girl say sorry to me because of that friend she say that she like me but we can’t be together. She don’t want me to get hurt. So she wants to break up. Later I hate my friend really much and went away from him.”

Man… love is damn crazy. “Yes. I know.” A lot people would do anything just for love. At least you didn’t hurt yourself. “You know what, you are my friend.” You are my friend, too.

Life as a dog 13

What if I really am not lucky and die. Then I need to appreciate the day, everyday that is coming. Because I don’t know when I will die. That’s the plan. Look at the trees they are green.

I may not be able to look at them one day. The birds chirping, their sound is so beautiful! And the cat beside me, I finally got a true friend. “Really? I am your first true friend?” Yes indeed. You should be proud.

Roses are red, violets are blue.                     The sky is cleared, I have no clue.

My heart may stop, I’m still alive.             Rain just drop, and you arrive.

“Your poems are good man.” Really? I just learned making poems last week. Hope you like it. Need to appreciate the nature cat, since today may be my last day. “Why are you so negative?”

Because it is really happening I can’t avoid it. “You know if you are more positive there is more chances you’ll survive.” Really? Okay then let’s be positive.

Be positive, more chances survive.             Be negative, not even revive.

Cat and dog, can be together.                       Go for a jog, and look at weather.

Life as a dog 12

“What does it look like?” Brown, rectangle, tastes delicious. “Chocolate.” Chocolate? What’s that? “A kind of sweet that human like to eat. ” Oh okay. Never heard of it before.
“Did you eat it? Dogs can’t eat chocolate. Cocoa products can kill dogs.” You kidding me right ? “No. I’m serious. You shouldn’t have eat it. Dogs process the toxic in chocolate much more slower than human and it might cause death. Cats can’t eat it too.”

Sh*t. So I might be dead tomorrow. Ahh… What should I do? I can’t tell my owner. He doesn’t know dog language. “If you are lucky you might survive. 50% survive 50% death.”

“I see dogs that eat a lot of chocolates but survive and some only eat one and dead after a day. It depends on your body.” Oh my gosh… Death… Why didn’t I know about this. You sure that statement is true?

“Yes. Tell your owner. You should go to the vet.” But how? How can I tell him? He doesn’t know dog language. I don’t know human language. You know human language? “No of course.” Then how do you know dog language? “It’s a secret.”

Wait. I can use the biscuit that he gave me and put into a picture that calls him to bring me to the vet. But how? I don’t know what a picture of a vet is. Give me some ideas cat. “Wait. Just wait for your luck.”

Life as a dog 11

My biggest fear? I can’t think of any fear.”Wow. Everyone must have their own fear.” I know. But I can’t think of any. Maybe I haven’t found it yet? Fear… Hey ,your fear is water right?

“Yes. Why?” How long do you bath? “Fortnightly.” I bath once a week. Then if you hate water, how about drinking water? You know, we need water to survive right. Water is inside our body.

“There is a difference between touching water and drinking water.” But when you drink, your mouth touches water, just like your body touches water. Cats are weird. Really weird…

I won’t tell my owner that you are living with us. Just hide when he comes out. He is going to work later in the noon. He goes to work everyday except weekend. I’ll give you half of my food everyday.

“Thanks. Really. I need a nap.” *Cat sleeps* What is that in the floor? It’s brown. Let’s go smell it. *Sniff* Smells like food. Hmm… taste good. *Eats all of it* Hey cat! Oh you’re asleep already.

You should have taste it. It taste good. *Cat wakes up* “What did you say?” Hey you’re awake! You should have taste the brown thing on the floor. It taste really nice. “Brown thing?”

Life as a dog 10

​Sorry, what did you say again? “Your owner is the one is the who bang  my owner while driving. ” So my owner hit your owner and your owner went into the hospital. “Yes.” Sorry… “Hey it’s not your fault.”

Well do you want to stay here with me until your owner come back? You can get free food and water. But we don’t have cat food here. “Sure. I don’t mind eating dog food.” Come here, let’s get to know each other.

So I am a small dog, as you can see, a chihuahua. Actually I am a miniature pincher. 6 years old. I have no friends because all the other dogs keep bullying me. See… even you are bigger size than me.

“I don’t even know my breed.” Really? “Yes. I still remember when I was small, someone took me away from my mother and sell me to the pet store. Months later, I am bought by this owner.”

Nice story. I don’t really remember how I get here. It’s just like, poof! Magic. My owner is nice, he feeds me everyday, but the bad thing is I am not allowed to go into the house. I only can stay outside here, at the car porch.

“My owner, he is nice too. I hate bathing. Every cats hate water. I don’t know why but water is my biggest fear. I really hate getting wet. It just makes me feel, heavy and and disgusting. What is your biggest fear?”

Life as a dog 9

​Sorry guys, I was on a vacation and just came back. The WiFi there is really weak so I can’t publish the post. Really sorry… anyway let continue with the story >>>

*Blink* Why did I lose again? I must win at least once! Now I understand why human want to win each other so badly. It’s to show that their better than the other. Now let me win you cat. Let me win you.
Ahhhh! *Blink* Why me again? How… how can you not blink for an hour? That’s incredible! “Yes, I am.” Who is talking?! Woof! “It’s me.” You? The cat who didn’t blink for an hour? You talk dog language?!

But you are a cat?! “It is really me. I know dog language.” How can you not blink for an hour?! “Well that’s a trick.” You really talk dog language? “Yes dog.” Okay then why are you peeping at me? “I am starring not peeping, there is a difference.”

Then why did you drink my water? “My owner had an accident two days ago and he is not out of the hospital yet. I have no food and water.” That’s why you are starring at me when I am eating.

Erm… I’m really sorry to hear that. “It’s okay.” *Silence* Do you want water? “It’s okay I drank the rain water. “Food?” *Silence* You can tell me if you want to. “Really?” Yes. Wait. Owner is coming out, hide yourself.

Loud alien language. Osnchxmlansjx. I am not barking okay? It’s call dog language. Go learn it. Owner is gone. Come out. “He is your owner?” Yes, why? “He’s the one that accidentally bang my owner while driving.”