Attention!!! This is not part of the dog story. I just want to inform you readers that I will be posting only on weekend, Tuesday and Thursday. Which is everyday except Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This I because I just realised that my eyesight I getting worse and worse so I need to reduce the time using my handphone. It I really hurting my eyes looking at this really small screen everyday.

But there may be time that I won’t post because there may be any accident, or I may get sick, having exam , or there is no Wi-Fi at my hotel during vacation. I will still post during vacation guys. Because the story is ready and all I need to do is press the publish button.

I want my eyes to have time to rest so that it can recover faster. Hope you all will understand. Also about the new “Life as a dog” story, I am doing series of stories about it. I wish you readers will enjoy the story that i created on my own.


Life as a dog 8

Stop peeping at me cat! Just now you drank my water already! And that is enough! Woof! Woof! Woof! Go away! You are really making me feel unsafe. Okay… tell me cat, what do I owe you Nothing right? NOTHING!! 

Now can you please… why am I using the word please. Okay nevermind, cat, can you PLEASE I mean like please stop looking at me. You have things to do right. Wait. Cats do nothing. They just run around the neighbourhood.

Aww how I wish I can have freedom. Why can cats do that and dogs can’t. This is so unfair. Okay back to that cat. You little weirdo. Actually I am more little than you. You little weirdo, can you PLEASE go back to your house.

You don’t understand dog language? Well I don’t understand cat language. Woof! Don’t you get my signal? That means I am angry, really really angry! Never mind I’ll just do my stuff and ignore you.

The thing is I have nothing to do. Let’s play staring contest cat! 3… 2… 1… start! Ughhh I cannot stand it! *blink* How can you even not blink your eye for so long?! Again! *blink* Again! *blink* I’ll never win…

Life as a dog 7

Ahhh!!!!! What is happening!! Suddenly I fall on a floor. Wait… What is this place? Ah yes, isn’t this my home sweet home? So it was all a dream! No flooding! No bullying! No black hole!

Hey look! The sky is bright again! There is no rain, lightning and storm. At last everything is peace again. My owner is still sleeping I guess. Did he have the same dream as mine? Well I can’t read dog’s mind nor human’s. 

As long as this is the reality. It is right? I’ll just bite my hand to check so. Ouch! It really is! Hip hip hooray! Wow that’s the smell of… meat! My owner is putting the meat into my bowl! Yay I got meat to eat!

Hmmm this is the taste of… chicken meat. My favourite! Haven’t taste this for weeks. It is like the taste of… I just can’t explain how good it taste like! Delicious! Is that… the cat… looking at me?

Stop looking at me! I am never gonna give you my food. Don’t you dare come near me. Well he is not coming near me, and he is not going away too. I feel so unsafe.

Now I am indeed really full! My stomach feels really good! Why isn’t the cat going away? Is he jealous of me having to eat the meat? But cat don’t eat chicken meat, they eat fish! Why can’t you go away and stop peeping at me?

Life as a dog 6

Wait.. .wait…and wait… Everyone is waiting to the boats to come and save us. But they didn’t show up after an hour. So my owner decide to build a small boat using the wood on the roof.

The water already at the level of the roof. A few neighbours come and help my owner. After 10 minutes, the boat is done and I hop into the boat. The boat is really steady.I feel really guilty because I can’t help to build the boat. 

A small dog like me can’t really do anything I guess. After everyone get in the boat. The people sitting beside using a stick to row the boat. Why is human that smart? They know how to build a boat, in just such a short time.

After rowing for 2 hours, we finally reach a land, which is a small hill before flooding. There are a lot of people waiting up there waiting for the water level to go down.

There are also food and water. My owner helps me to find some food. I eat the food hungrily. Hey, isn’t that dogs too? I go ahead to join them and play, noticing my owner and other people solving some problems.

The bad thing is, the dogs there are all big type, I am only the small one. While playing, they keep bullying me. Suddenly, I feel a push behind me. And I fall into something like a dark hole. Why does I keep going down and down?! Ahhh!!!!!

Life as a dog 5

Rain…storm…lightning… When is it going to stop? Life under a chair is so boring. It is getting colder and colder. I am starting to shiver. I want to go into the house. It should be warmer inside. Let’s go to check whether the door is open.

Oh no, it is lock! Owner, please open the door! It is really cold outside! I’ll just bark at the door. Woof! Woof! Can he hear it? Yes he open the door! Alien language again. Gopwjcmshcizmalx. 

C’mon, please let me go inside, I swear that I won’t pee everywhere! Why did you close the door? You don’t want me to go inside? Fine then. I’ll just stay out here. I don’t know why but I am so tired. Let’s go to sleep.

I can feel water at my leg. Oh my gosh! It is flooding! The storm and and lightning has stopped but the rain hasn’t. Brownie!!! My owner calls me. The door is open. I guess he wants me to go inside.

He is upstairs waiting for me. I run up the stairs. He said something to me and carried me onto the roof of the house. I think he said that this is a flash flood. Oh no… I’m scared.

He has packed some valuable things and went onto the roof. He sat beside me. I can see the roofs of other houses have people too. I think everyone is waiting for help. I hope everyone will be save.

Life as a dog 4

Okay.. I am going in front, to show who I truly am. I am a dog! And you are a cat. So I should be the boss here! Boss incoming! Woof woof woof! Okay that’s the loudest sound I can make.

Don’t look at me like that cat, I am innocent. Oh that barking? That’s not me. Gosh why am I lying. No no don’t come here ahhh!! Hey why did you leave? Oh is it because of my barking?

Ha yes I’m good at this. Oh I see my owner is behind me! Hey owner! In time owner in time! That language again. Soeuxmznxghvwkicn. Yes yes I know I am not fierce. But I am a small little dog okay? Pity me.

Now today is a nice day. Roses are red… violets are blue… tree is green… air is fresh… Wait a minute, sky is dark. Not like the night dark. But the before storm dark.

Oh no… Storm is coming. A really really big storm. The sky is really really dark. The wind is really strong. Even the trees are swaying. Oh my… My biggest fear has come.

Now I need to find a place to hide. Under the bicycle? No way… the bicycle is just under the side roof. Under the chair? Ah yes… That is a good place.The first rain drop has falls on my head. Run! Run to the chair!

Life as a dog 3

Should I go call the owner? Let’s go in and check what is he doing. He is sleeping! Now what should I do? Wake him up? No he’ll be angry of me then. Okay I am a smart dog and I can solve my own problems.

But the problem is the cat is bigger than me! See that’s why I don’t want to be a small cute dog. I want to be a fierce big dog! Now the cat is just sitting beside my bowl of water and sun bathing!

How rude of you! Didn’t your owner told you what is private property and you can’t touch them? Can’t you just go back to your house? Your owner must have given you water right?

Oh ya now I know! I remember already! Cats love to go out side and not stay at home! But I am still angry of you! What should I do? I can’t just stand here and watching you until you go away right?

Come on brain think! THINK THINK THINK! Okay let’s see, owner is asleep. And I have no other friends. So the only choice is to bark at the cat. But I’m scared! Owner, can you please wake up? Please…

Life as a dog 2

My stomach… SO HUNGRY!!! Hey owner, dogs need to eat breakfast too! Wait, what is that smell. That is the smell of… FOOD! But it smells like, awww biscuit again! Why is it always biscuit?!

Do you know that I am bored of eating it? Every biscuit taste the same even though there is different shape and colour. The fish shape ones taste like the others. Everything taste the same! 

Why does human have to make different shape and colour of dog biscuit? To make the dogs happy? No it doesn’t make me happy. Enough of thinking let’s just eat the biscuit. It’s better than starving to death.

Hmmm I am full! Now what should I do… waiting the day to over again. Oh hey owner! Play with me! Come on, I’m really bored. Oh yes throw the bone! Throw it throw it!

Yay! And I’ll run to go get it! There you go! I’m back with the bone! How fast I am! Aren’t you proud of me owner? What alien language are you talking about? It’s like efojsxnqplmvdcjf. 

Wait wait don’t go in! C’mon! Now I have nothing to do! Is that a cat? Drinking my water?! How dare you!! I’ll just go in front and bark. Wait, the cat is bigger size than me! Oh my gosh… I’m so scared! What should I do?

Life as a dog

Today I was woken up by a car honk. The sky is still dark. I can’t sleep back after that. The only thing I can do to past my time is guarding the door.

Even though there is a thieve, I still can’t stop it. It is because I am just a Chihuahua. I’m such a small little dog. Can’t grow big like the others. When there is a thieve, all I can do is just bark.. And bark… and bark. 

The thieve is going to be thinking: You are so small and can’t do anything. I can just kick you away you know. But you are lucky because you are too cute to be hurt and I am just gonna ignore you.
Am I that cute? Everyone says I am cute. My owner showed me a mirror before and what I see is just a brown colour head, with big eyeballs that doesn’t fit my head, and a small little nose.

Am I really that cute? Even kids from the neighbours come to visit me in the evening everyday and their parents keep saying I am so cute even though I keep barking at them. 

I want to be a fierce dog, not a cute dog. What can a cute dog do? You know my biggest dream is to become fierce, so that I can protect this house and my owner. But look at me! Just a small little dog.

Hey! The sky is not dark anymore! Wow! I have found another thing to do to past my time! Oh my gosh… I am so hungry. Where is my owner? I want to eat so badly!

Hey guys! This not the dog anymore! I have decided to do a series of story, which is life as a dog. Hope you will enjoy! Will continue tomorrow! Bye!

My plan

Gotta do a plan to everything right? So this is my plan for my blog:

I just started yesterday and my goal now is to get 5 followers at the end of this year. I will try to write everyday unless I have exam or I am on a vacation.

I set my expectation really low, if you want to know why read my previous blog. I know that everyone want to achieve something as fast as they can. And yes I want to go to sleep tonight with 0 followers and wake up tomorrow seeing 100 followers.

Everyone know it is impossible to do so. Even you, yes you the one who is reading this. I am going to grow my blog slowly. Doing everything the right way. And I really hope that at the end of this year I will get 5 followers.

Ending my post here. Remember guys set your expectation low. I mean like really low.