Introduce myself

Hello I’m back!!! So in this post I will be introducing myself. 🙂

As I said in the first post, I am an Asian girl, to be specific I am a teenage girl. I have two brothers which are older than me.

There is a lot side of me. The first one is the  normal side. I always have that side whenever I am in front of my friends.

The second one is the crazy side. You will never imagine how I am gonna be. That side is only on in front of my family and one of my tuition teacher which is really close to me. I love that side the most because I can release everything. 

The third side is the a bit quiet side. I do still talk but not that much. I have that side when usually I am outside in place that my friends are not around or I am with the friends that I am not familiar with.

The fourth is the sad side. Like everyone else, I do have sad times. I will always try to stay happy and avoid that side.

The last one I the angry side.The last time I have this side on was last year. I know that being angry is not good. So I am very happy that it has been a year already.

I love reading and playing piano. There is things that I do but don’t let anyone know. But I am going to say it here. I am now learning to sing, beatbox and dance. I learn them all from YouTube. I have the Smule app which I can show out my singing. Shhhh don’t tell anyone.I also have a secret Instagram account out there other than my main one.

My first language is English and Chinese. I know Malay but I can’t really talk that fluently. I know a bit of Cantonese, to be specific I know how to listen but I only know how to say a bit. I have a passion to learn German and I want to talk using German as fluent as I can. 

And that’s it for today. Remember to stay tune to see more posts!! Love you all!!!


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