86400 dollar

Hey readers!! Now imagine when you wake up tomorrow you have 86400 dollar. You can spent on anything you want to buy. You can eat a lot of ice cream. Or even buy lots of car.

But there is a condition, you cannot save the money that is left in the end of the day. You got to give it back. So have you think how will you spend it?

Everyday, we are given 86400 seconds. It is just like the 86400 dollar you will be given because time is money. We must appreciate every decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It is because if you don’t use it meaningfully it will be gone in the end of the day, just like the 86400 seconds.

Okay so I hope you guys really enjoy reading my blog. Hope you all have a good day. How are you going to spend the 86400 seconds tomorrow? 


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