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Hello there!:) Although I know that not many people will read my blogs. Maybe even none. So i just started yesterday and realised that getting followers is a really REALLY hard task.

I really look up to everyone out there that have followers. Even you only have 100, 10 or 1. It’s just so amazing that you have someone that love your blogs. And seriously, I really look up to you guys.

This is just a short post to let the people that just started know that don’t set your expectation too high. When I started that day, I thought that I will get at least 1 followers in that day. But it didnt happen and I was really disappointed of myself.

But then later I found out that some people get 100 followers in just one months. And some only get 10 followers in 2 months. After realising those things, I started to set my expectation lower and lower. Now I am just happy that I have the time to write these blogs.

To everyone that is reading this:

When you are outside at the society, don’t set your expectation that high. This is because things are not that easy out there. Set your expectation lower so that you won’t feel that sad when you don’t reach your expectation.

A really big thanks to everyone that is reading this. Love you all lots!!! Bye!

12 thoughts on “Getting followers

  1. If you write stuff that you enjoy writing, then it will be easy for you to do, and that will become more important to you than having lots of people follow you. And, the people that follow you will do so because they’re actually interested in what you’re doing and writing about (and maybe in who you are, if you write about yourself), which is the best reason for them to do so.

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  2. I disagree. It’s not about setting high/low expectations. You gotta always just DO YOUR BEST. It does not matter what the outcome is as long as you did nothing wrong and you love what you’re doing. Don’t sell yourself short by having low expectations nor sound too proud or arrogant if you expect big things. Just live life to the fullest. 🙂

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  3. Hello,
    By going out and giving your time, and reading others blogs, you can attract followers. It would be good to see a “follow ME” button. I do agree that expectations are not the key, but it is your spirit behind your intention that will give you all that you desire.

    Joy, Peace & Light – BE – with you always; all ways.


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