My plan

Gotta do a plan to everything right? So this is my plan for my blog:

I just started yesterday and my goal now is to get 5 followers at the end of this year. I will try to write everyday unless I have exam or I am on a vacation.

I set my expectation really low, if you want to know why read my previous blog. I know that everyone want to achieve something as fast as they can. And yes I want to go to sleep tonight with 0 followers and wake up tomorrow seeing 100 followers.

Everyone know it is impossible to do so. Even you, yes you the one who is reading this. I am going to grow my blog slowly. Doing everything the right way. And I really hope that at the end of this year I will get 5 followers.

Ending my post here. Remember guys set your expectation low. I mean like really low.


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