Life as a dog

Today I was woken up by a car honk. The sky is still dark. I can’t sleep back after that. The only thing I can do to past my time is guarding the door.

Even though there is a thieve, I still can’t stop it. It is because I am just a Chihuahua. I’m such a small little dog. Can’t grow big like the others. When there is a thieve, all I can do is just bark.. And bark… and bark. 

The thieve is going to be thinking: You are so small and can’t do anything. I can just kick you away you know. But you are lucky because you are too cute to be hurt and I am just gonna ignore you.
Am I that cute? Everyone says I am cute. My owner showed me a mirror before and what I see is just a brown colour head, with big eyeballs that doesn’t fit my head, and a small little nose.

Am I really that cute? Even kids from the neighbours come to visit me in the evening everyday and their parents keep saying I am so cute even though I keep barking at them. 

I want to be a fierce dog, not a cute dog. What can a cute dog do? You know my biggest dream is to become fierce, so that I can protect this house and my owner. But look at me! Just a small little dog.

Hey! The sky is not dark anymore! Wow! I have found another thing to do to past my time! Oh my gosh… I am so hungry. Where is my owner? I want to eat so badly!

Hey guys! This not the dog anymore! I have decided to do a series of story, which is life as a dog. Hope you will enjoy! Will continue tomorrow! Bye!


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