Attention!!! This is not part of the dog story. I just want to inform you readers that I will be posting only on weekend, Tuesday and Thursday. Which is everyday except Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This I because I just realised that my eyesight I getting worse and worse so I need to reduce the time using my handphone. It I really hurting my eyes looking at this really small screen everyday.

But there may be time that I won’t post because there may be any accident, or I may get sick, having exam , or there is no Wi-Fi at my hotel during vacation. I will still post during vacation guys. Because the story is ready and all I need to do is press the publish button.

I want my eyes to have time to rest so that it can recover faster. Hope you all will understand. Also about the new “Life as a dog” story, I am doing series of stories about it. I wish you readers will enjoy the story that i created on my own.



12 thoughts on “Attention!!!

  1. Hey there!! 🙂
    It really made my day seeing all the notifications you gave me on my blog, so I wanted to return the favor! It’s a blessing to meet you! 😀
    Praying for healing for you!! God bless!

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  2. Shalom! 🙂 Praying for you and hoping your eyesight gets better really soon! It’s extremely wise to take care of your eyes! 🙂 Listening to music is a great way to rest your eyes. Also quite a few of my friends enjoy narrated books, although I’ve not gotten into them myself, maybe you like listening to books. 🙂 Really hope you’re feeling better soon! 🙂

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