Life as a dog 2

My stomach… SO HUNGRY!!! Hey owner, dogs need to eat breakfast too! Wait, what is that smell. That is the smell of… FOOD! But it smells like, awww biscuit again! Why is it always biscuit?!

Do you know that I am bored of eating it? Every biscuit taste the same even though there is different shape and colour. The fish shape ones taste like the others. Everything taste the same! 

Why does human have to make different shape and colour of dog biscuit? To make the dogs happy? No it doesn’t make me happy. Enough of thinking let’s just eat the biscuit. It’s better than starving to death.

Hmmm I am full! Now what should I do… waiting the day to over again. Oh hey owner! Play with me! Come on, I’m really bored. Oh yes throw the bone! Throw it throw it!

Yay! And I’ll run to go get it! There you go! I’m back with the bone! How fast I am! Aren’t you proud of me owner? What alien language are you talking about? It’s like efojsxnqplmvdcjf. 

Wait wait don’t go in! C’mon! Now I have nothing to do! Is that a cat? Drinking my water?! How dare you!! I’ll just go in front and bark. Wait, the cat is bigger size than me! Oh my gosh… I’m so scared! What should I do?


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