Life as a dog 3

Should I go call the owner? Let’s go in and check what is he doing. He is sleeping! Now what should I do? Wake him up? No he’ll be angry of me then. Okay I am a smart dog and I can solve my own problems.

But the problem is the cat is bigger than me! See that’s why I don’t want to be a small cute dog. I want to be a fierce big dog! Now the cat is just sitting beside my bowl of water and sun bathing!

How rude of you! Didn’t your owner told you what is private property and you can’t touch them? Can’t you just go back to your house? Your owner must have given you water right?

Oh ya now I know! I remember already! Cats love to go out side and not stay at home! But I am still angry of you! What should I do? I can’t just stand here and watching you until you go away right?

Come on brain think! THINK THINK THINK! Okay let’s see, owner is asleep. And I have no other friends. So the only choice is to bark at the cat. But I’m scared! Owner, can you please wake up? Please…


6 thoughts on “Life as a dog 3

  1. Lovely… That scary moment when you are bullied and can’t fight back because you don’t have the strength…. Don’t worry Dog, you’ll grow up someday and then you will fight for your right

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