Life as a dog 4

Okay.. I am going in front, to show who I truly am. I am a dog! And you are a cat. So I should be the boss here! Boss incoming! Woof woof woof! Okay that’s the loudest sound I can make.

Don’t look at me like that cat, I am innocent. Oh that barking? That’s not me. Gosh why am I lying. No no don’t come here ahhh!! Hey why did you leave? Oh is it because of my barking?

Ha yes I’m good at this. Oh I see my owner is behind me! Hey owner! In time owner in time! That language again. Soeuxmznxghvwkicn. Yes yes I know I am not fierce. But I am a small little dog okay? Pity me.

Now today is a nice day. Roses are red… violets are blue… tree is green… air is fresh… Wait a minute, sky is dark. Not like the night dark. But the before storm dark.

Oh no… Storm is coming. A really really big storm. The sky is really really dark. The wind is really strong. Even the trees are swaying. Oh my… My biggest fear has come.

Now I need to find a place to hide. Under the bicycle? No way… the bicycle is just under the side roof. Under the chair? Ah yes… That is a good place.The first rain drop has falls on my head. Run! Run to the chair!


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