Life as a dog 6

Wait.. .wait…and wait… Everyone is waiting to the boats to come and save us. But they didn’t show up after an hour. So my owner decide to build a small boat using the wood on the roof.

The water already at the level of the roof. A few neighbours come and help my owner. After 10 minutes, the boat is done and I hop into the boat. The boat is really steady.I feel really guilty because I can’t help to build the boat. 

A small dog like me can’t really do anything I guess. After everyone get in the boat. The people sitting beside using a stick to row the boat. Why is human that smart? They know how to build a boat, in just such a short time.

After rowing for 2 hours, we finally reach a land, which is a small hill before flooding. There are a lot of people waiting up there waiting for the water level to go down.

There are also food and water. My owner helps me to find some food. I eat the food hungrily. Hey, isn’t that dogs too? I go ahead to join them and play, noticing my owner and other people solving some problems.

The bad thing is, the dogs there are all big type, I am only the small one. While playing, they keep bullying me. Suddenly, I feel a push behind me. And I fall into something like a dark hole. Why does I keep going down and down?! Ahhh!!!!!


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