Life as a dog 5

Rain…storm…lightning… When is it going to stop? Life under a chair is so boring. It is getting colder and colder. I am starting to shiver. I want to go into the house. It should be warmer inside. Let’s go to check whether the door is open.

Oh no, it is lock! Owner, please open the door! It is really cold outside! I’ll just bark at the door. Woof! Woof! Can he hear it? Yes he open the door! Alien language again. Gopwjcmshcizmalx. 

C’mon, please let me go inside, I swear that I won’t pee everywhere! Why did you close the door? You don’t want me to go inside? Fine then. I’ll just stay out here. I don’t know why but I am so tired. Let’s go to sleep.

I can feel water at my leg. Oh my gosh! It is flooding! The storm and and lightning has stopped but the rain hasn’t. Brownie!!! My owner calls me. The door is open. I guess he wants me to go inside.

He is upstairs waiting for me. I run up the stairs. He said something to me and carried me onto the roof of the house. I think he said that this is a flash flood. Oh no… I’m scared.

He has packed some valuable things and went onto the roof. He sat beside me. I can see the roofs of other houses have people too. I think everyone is waiting for help. I hope everyone will be save.


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