Life as a dog 7

Ahhh!!!!! What is happening!! Suddenly I fall on a floor. Wait… What is this place? Ah yes, isn’t this my home sweet home? So it was all a dream! No flooding! No bullying! No black hole!

Hey look! The sky is bright again! There is no rain, lightning and storm. At last everything is peace again. My owner is still sleeping I guess. Did he have the same dream as mine? Well I can’t read dog’s mind nor human’s. 

As long as this is the reality. It is right? I’ll just bite my hand to check so. Ouch! It really is! Hip hip hooray! Wow that’s the smell of… meat! My owner is putting the meat into my bowl! Yay I got meat to eat!

Hmmm this is the taste of… chicken meat. My favourite! Haven’t taste this for weeks. It is like the taste of… I just can’t explain how good it taste like! Delicious! Is that… the cat… looking at me?

Stop looking at me! I am never gonna give you my food. Don’t you dare come near me. Well he is not coming near me, and he is not going away too. I feel so unsafe.

Now I am indeed really full! My stomach feels really good! Why isn’t the cat going away? Is he jealous of me having to eat the meat? But cat don’t eat chicken meat, they eat fish! Why can’t you go away and stop peeping at me?


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