Life as a dog 8

Stop peeping at me cat! Just now you drank my water already! And that is enough! Woof! Woof! Woof! Go away! You are really making me feel unsafe. Okay… tell me cat, what do I owe you Nothing right? NOTHING!! 

Now can you please… why am I using the word please. Okay nevermind, cat, can you PLEASE I mean like please stop looking at me. You have things to do right. Wait. Cats do nothing. They just run around the neighbourhood.

Aww how I wish I can have freedom. Why can cats do that and dogs can’t. This is so unfair. Okay back to that cat. You little weirdo. Actually I am more little than you. You little weirdo, can you PLEASE go back to your house.

You don’t understand dog language? Well I don’t understand cat language. Woof! Don’t you get my signal? That means I am angry, really really angry! Never mind I’ll just do my stuff and ignore you.

The thing is I have nothing to do. Let’s play staring contest cat! 3… 2… 1… start! Ughhh I cannot stand it! *blink* How can you even not blink your eye for so long?! Again! *blink* Again! *blink* I’ll never win…


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