Life as a dog 9

​Sorry guys, I was on a vacation and just came back. The WiFi there is really weak so I can’t publish the post. Really sorry… anyway let continue with the story >>>

*Blink* Why did I lose again? I must win at least once! Now I understand why human want to win each other so badly. It’s to show that their better than the other. Now let me win you cat. Let me win you.
Ahhhh! *Blink* Why me again? How… how can you not blink for an hour? That’s incredible! “Yes, I am.” Who is talking?! Woof! “It’s me.” You? The cat who didn’t blink for an hour? You talk dog language?!

But you are a cat?! “It is really me. I know dog language.” How can you not blink for an hour?! “Well that’s a trick.” You really talk dog language? “Yes dog.” Okay then why are you peeping at me? “I am starring not peeping, there is a difference.”

Then why did you drink my water? “My owner had an accident two days ago and he is not out of the hospital yet. I have no food and water.” That’s why you are starring at me when I am eating.

Erm… I’m really sorry to hear that. “It’s okay.” *Silence* Do you want water? “It’s okay I drank the rain water. “Food?” *Silence* You can tell me if you want to. “Really?” Yes. Wait. Owner is coming out, hide yourself.

Loud alien language. Osnchxmlansjx. I am not barking okay? It’s call dog language. Go learn it. Owner is gone. Come out. “He is your owner?” Yes, why? “He’s the one that accidentally bang my owner while driving.”

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