Life as a dog 10

​Sorry, what did you say again? “Your owner is the one is the who bang  my owner while driving. ” So my owner hit your owner and your owner went into the hospital. “Yes.” Sorry… “Hey it’s not your fault.”

Well do you want to stay here with me until your owner come back? You can get free food and water. But we don’t have cat food here. “Sure. I don’t mind eating dog food.” Come here, let’s get to know each other.

So I am a small dog, as you can see, a chihuahua. Actually I am a miniature pincher. 6 years old. I have no friends because all the other dogs keep bullying me. See… even you are bigger size than me.

“I don’t even know my breed.” Really? “Yes. I still remember when I was small, someone took me away from my mother and sell me to the pet store. Months later, I am bought by this owner.”

Nice story. I don’t really remember how I get here. It’s just like, poof! Magic. My owner is nice, he feeds me everyday, but the bad thing is I am not allowed to go into the house. I only can stay outside here, at the car porch.

“My owner, he is nice too. I hate bathing. Every cats hate water. I don’t know why but water is my biggest fear. I really hate getting wet. It just makes me feel, heavy and and disgusting. What is your biggest fear?”

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