Life as a dog 12

“What does it look like?” Brown, rectangle, tastes delicious. “Chocolate.” Chocolate? What’s that? “A kind of sweet that human like to eat. ” Oh okay. Never heard of it before.
“Did you eat it? Dogs can’t eat chocolate. Cocoa products can kill dogs.” You kidding me right ? “No. I’m serious. You shouldn’t have eat it. Dogs process the toxic in chocolate much more slower than human and it might cause death. Cats can’t eat it too.”

Sh*t. So I might be dead tomorrow. Ahh… What should I do? I can’t tell my owner. He doesn’t know dog language. “If you are lucky you might survive. 50% survive 50% death.”

“I see dogs that eat a lot of chocolates but survive and some only eat one and dead after a day. It depends on your body.” Oh my gosh… Death… Why didn’t I know about this. You sure that statement is true?

“Yes. Tell your owner. You should go to the vet.” But how? How can I tell him? He doesn’t know dog language. I don’t know human language. You know human language? “No of course.” Then how do you know dog language? “It’s a secret.”

Wait. I can use the biscuit that he gave me and put into a picture that calls him to bring me to the vet. But how? I don’t know what a picture of a vet is. Give me some ideas cat. “Wait. Just wait for your luck.”

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