Life as a dog 13

What if I really am not lucky and die. Then I need to appreciate the day, everyday that is coming. Because I don’t know when I will die. That’s the plan. Look at the trees they are green.

I may not be able to look at them one day. The birds chirping, their sound is so beautiful! And the cat beside me, I finally got a true friend. “Really? I am your first true friend?” Yes indeed. You should be proud.

Roses are red, violets are blue.                     The sky is cleared, I have no clue.

My heart may stop, I’m still alive.             Rain just drop, and you arrive.

“Your poems are good man.” Really? I just learned making poems last week. Hope you like it. Need to appreciate the nature cat, since today may be my last day. “Why are you so negative?”

Because it is really happening I can’t avoid it. “You know if you are more positive there is more chances you’ll survive.” Really? Okay then let’s be positive.

Be positive, more chances survive.             Be negative, not even revive.

Cat and dog, can be together.                       Go for a jog, and look at weather.

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