Life as a dog 14

“You love poems really much don’t you?” Yes. Of course. I can make one on any occasion. My owner’s coming. Hide! Qidnowlzbxyea. Hey can you bring me to the vet? I just ate a chococalate and may die anytime.

Uh… You don’t understand me. He is gone. Come out. “So you are just going to wait for your luck?” Yes. Like you say. Hey, you have any friend before? “Yes. But it didn’t go well.” What happen?

“We fight for something.” What thing? Food? Water? Place? “For a girl.” Why are you so stupid? A girl? You guys are friend man. If I ever have a friend I will never fight with him, or her.

“You don’t understand. Me and her is already together. My friend is jealous of me. And then he ditch me and want to make out with her. He didn’t success because the girl like me, not him.”

“The girl say sorry to me because of that friend she say that she like me but we can’t be together. She don’t want me to get hurt. So she wants to break up. Later I hate my friend really much and went away from him.”

Man… love is damn crazy. “Yes. I know.” A lot people would do anything just for love. At least you didn’t hurt yourself. “You know what, you are my friend.” You are my friend, too.

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