Learn to give

Merry Christmas everyone!! Did you guys recieve a lot of presents? I only receive one, but that’s enough. Well I am not a Christian but I still celebrate Christmas because Christmas is for everyone.

What do we do during Christmas? The adults give presents to the children. But does the children give presents? Some yes some no. I am a teenager right now, and I can afford to buy cheap things. I did give my family presents, but it’s all handmade.

Christmas is for everyone as I said because it is a festival to receive and give things. When someone give us something, we should give back something, it doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be a small craft made by ourselves.

We need to learn to give, not only receive. Even if it is not Christmas, we need to give too. Not everyday giving people presents, but helping people. Give people a hand when they need help. No matter it’s your family, friends or stranger.

Help them when they have difficulties, mentally or physically. So that we can make this world a better place. Tomorrow is not going to be Christmas, but help some people, any people, if you can. Yesterday is not Christmas, did you give your help to anyone?

The “Life of a dog” series will continue tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone! Remember to give if you can.

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