Life as a dog 15

*It’s a beautiful morning, Brownie and the cat are chatting. Suddenly the owner came out with a big luggage.*

Quick, hide! Hey owner, big luggage eyy? Where are you going? Oh ya of course you cant understand me. *Woof* Food please before you go. *Owner out chicken meat into the bowl* Yes!! Chicken meat again! Yum yum! Okay bye owner!

“Where is he going?” I don’t know. Here, have some chicken meat. “Thanks. But what if he is going away for a long time.” So? “No one will feed us.” Oh… ya… food. How about water? Sh*t.

Never mind, just trust him. Usually when he goes for vacation he will call someone else like his friend to feed me, but his friend usually only give me dog biscuit to eat. So you…

“Never mind never mind. As long as there is food I am alright. Hmm… Chicken meat is tasty! Now I know why it is your favourite. You know everyday my owner only feed me cat biscuit.”

Really? Wow… Then I must be lucky. Having chicken meat, and sometimes some left over vegetable and meat. “I had never tasted any other food than cat biscuit. How does dog biscuit taste like?”

It taste normal, boring. I just don’t get why human want to make like fish shape, vegetable shape, bone shape… They all taste the same. “Yes yes I know right?! Car biscuit is like that too.” Come… have more chicken meat.

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