Life as a dog 11

My biggest fear? I can’t think of any fear.”Wow. Everyone must have their own fear.” I know. But I can’t think of any. Maybe I haven’t found it yet? Fear… Hey ,your fear is water right?

“Yes. Why?” How long do you bath? “Fortnightly.” I bath once a week. Then if you hate water, how about drinking water? You know, we need water to survive right. Water is inside our body.

“There is a difference between touching water and drinking water.” But when you drink, your mouth touches water, just like your body touches water. Cats are weird. Really weird…

I won’t tell my owner that you are living with us. Just hide when he comes out. He is going to work later in the noon. He goes to work everyday except weekend. I’ll give you half of my food everyday.

“Thanks. Really. I need a nap.” *Cat sleeps* What is that in the floor? It’s brown. Let’s go smell it. *Sniff* Smells like food. Hmm… taste good. *Eats all of it* Hey cat! Oh you’re asleep already.

You should have taste it. It taste good. *Cat wakes up* “What did you say?” Hey you’re awake! You should have taste the brown thing on the floor. It taste really nice. “Brown thing?”


Life as a dog 10

​Sorry, what did you say again? “Your owner is the one is the who bang  my owner while driving. ” So my owner hit your owner and your owner went into the hospital. “Yes.” Sorry… “Hey it’s not your fault.”

Well do you want to stay here with me until your owner come back? You can get free food and water. But we don’t have cat food here. “Sure. I don’t mind eating dog food.” Come here, let’s get to know each other.

So I am a small dog, as you can see, a chihuahua. Actually I am a miniature pincher. 6 years old. I have no friends because all the other dogs keep bullying me. See… even you are bigger size than me.

“I don’t even know my breed.” Really? “Yes. I still remember when I was small, someone took me away from my mother and sell me to the pet store. Months later, I am bought by this owner.”

Nice story. I don’t really remember how I get here. It’s just like, poof! Magic. My owner is nice, he feeds me everyday, but the bad thing is I am not allowed to go into the house. I only can stay outside here, at the car porch.

“My owner, he is nice too. I hate bathing. Every cats hate water. I don’t know why but water is my biggest fear. I really hate getting wet. It just makes me feel, heavy and and disgusting. What is your biggest fear?”

Life as a dog 9

​Sorry guys, I was on a vacation and just came back. The WiFi there is really weak so I can’t publish the post. Really sorry… anyway let continue with the story >>>

*Blink* Why did I lose again? I must win at least once! Now I understand why human want to win each other so badly. It’s to show that their better than the other. Now let me win you cat. Let me win you.
Ahhhh! *Blink* Why me again? How… how can you not blink for an hour? That’s incredible! “Yes, I am.” Who is talking?! Woof! “It’s me.” You? The cat who didn’t blink for an hour? You talk dog language?!

But you are a cat?! “It is really me. I know dog language.” How can you not blink for an hour?! “Well that’s a trick.” You really talk dog language? “Yes dog.” Okay then why are you peeping at me? “I am starring not peeping, there is a difference.”

Then why did you drink my water? “My owner had an accident two days ago and he is not out of the hospital yet. I have no food and water.” That’s why you are starring at me when I am eating.

Erm… I’m really sorry to hear that. “It’s okay.” *Silence* Do you want water? “It’s okay I drank the rain water. “Food?” *Silence* You can tell me if you want to. “Really?” Yes. Wait. Owner is coming out, hide yourself.

Loud alien language. Osnchxmlansjx. I am not barking okay? It’s call dog language. Go learn it. Owner is gone. Come out. “He is your owner?” Yes, why? “He’s the one that accidentally bang my owner while driving.”

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Attention!!! This is not part of the dog story. I just want to inform you readers that I will be posting only on weekend, Tuesday and Thursday. Which is everyday except Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This I because I just realised that my eyesight I getting worse and worse so I need to reduce the time using my handphone. It I really hurting my eyes looking at this really small screen everyday.

But there may be time that I won’t post because there may be any accident, or I may get sick, having exam , or there is no Wi-Fi at my hotel during vacation. I will still post during vacation guys. Because the story is ready and all I need to do is press the publish button.

I want my eyes to have time to rest so that it can recover faster. Hope you all will understand. Also about the new “Life as a dog” story, I am doing series of stories about it. I wish you readers will enjoy the story that i created on my own.


Life as a dog 8

Stop peeping at me cat! Just now you drank my water already! And that is enough! Woof! Woof! Woof! Go away! You are really making me feel unsafe. Okay… tell me cat, what do I owe you Nothing right? NOTHING!! 

Now can you please… why am I using the word please. Okay nevermind, cat, can you PLEASE I mean like please stop looking at me. You have things to do right. Wait. Cats do nothing. They just run around the neighbourhood.

Aww how I wish I can have freedom. Why can cats do that and dogs can’t. This is so unfair. Okay back to that cat. You little weirdo. Actually I am more little than you. You little weirdo, can you PLEASE go back to your house.

You don’t understand dog language? Well I don’t understand cat language. Woof! Don’t you get my signal? That means I am angry, really really angry! Never mind I’ll just do my stuff and ignore you.

The thing is I have nothing to do. Let’s play staring contest cat! 3… 2… 1… start! Ughhh I cannot stand it! *blink* How can you even not blink your eye for so long?! Again! *blink* Again! *blink* I’ll never win…

Life as a dog 7

Ahhh!!!!! What is happening!! Suddenly I fall on a floor. Wait… What is this place? Ah yes, isn’t this my home sweet home? So it was all a dream! No flooding! No bullying! No black hole!

Hey look! The sky is bright again! There is no rain, lightning and storm. At last everything is peace again. My owner is still sleeping I guess. Did he have the same dream as mine? Well I can’t read dog’s mind nor human’s. 

As long as this is the reality. It is right? I’ll just bite my hand to check so. Ouch! It really is! Hip hip hooray! Wow that’s the smell of… meat! My owner is putting the meat into my bowl! Yay I got meat to eat!

Hmmm this is the taste of… chicken meat. My favourite! Haven’t taste this for weeks. It is like the taste of… I just can’t explain how good it taste like! Delicious! Is that… the cat… looking at me?

Stop looking at me! I am never gonna give you my food. Don’t you dare come near me. Well he is not coming near me, and he is not going away too. I feel so unsafe.

Now I am indeed really full! My stomach feels really good! Why isn’t the cat going away? Is he jealous of me having to eat the meat? But cat don’t eat chicken meat, they eat fish! Why can’t you go away and stop peeping at me?