Life as a dog 16

*It’s night already, and brownie complaining no one is giving them food.*

I’m really hungry… “I’m hungry too.” What should we do? “Maybe we can go out and find some food?” I’m not a cat, I can’t climb over these gate. You can… “Or I can teach you how to climb.”

I’m a dog, born not to climb. “Well maybe I can pull you up? Or I can just go out myself to find food.” No that’s dangerous!! You can’t go out yourself in the night like this!

“I’m a cat, born to do things like that. Go out alone. Before I met you, I go out everyday in the night to find food.” Don’t you sleep? “Of course I do, it’s only for 1 hour.”

But… why not we just wait until tomorrow? Maybe his friend will come to give us food? “You are hungry, I am too. Since you have gave me food the past few days, I need to help you back.”

Well… Go then, be safe! And remember to come back as early as you can, or I’ll be worry. “Of course I’ll come back safe, I’ve done this hundreds of time. Bye!!” *Cat climes the gate and go away.*

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