Life as a dog 11

My biggest fear? I can’t think of any fear.”Wow. Everyone must have their own fear.” I know. But I can’t think of any. Maybe I haven’t found it yet? Fear… Hey ,your fear is water right?

“Yes. Why?” How long do you bath? “Fortnightly.” I bath once a week. Then if you hate water, how about drinking water? You know, we need water to survive right. Water is inside our body.

“There is a difference between touching water and drinking water.” But when you drink, your mouth touches water, just like your body touches water. Cats are weird. Really weird…

I won’t tell my owner that you are living with us. Just hide when he comes out. He is going to work later in the noon. He goes to work everyday except weekend. I’ll give you half of my food everyday.

“Thanks. Really. I need a nap.” *Cat sleeps* What is that in the floor? It’s brown. Let’s go smell it. *Sniff* Smells like food. Hmm… taste good. *Eats all of it* Hey cat! Oh you’re asleep already.

You should have taste it. It taste good. *Cat wakes up* “What did you say?” Hey you’re awake! You should have taste the brown thing on the floor. It taste really nice. “Brown thing?”

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